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Introducing 3 Magnificent views of Japan

This week, I will introduce 3 attractions in Japan which have been regarded as "3 Greatest View". First, let's read about the brief origins of this matter to understand the overall concept.

These 3 great views of Japan is called 日本三景 Nihon Sankei. Originally, the criteria to judge each view was an influence from Japanese scholar named Hayashi Gahō who lived in Japan during 17th century when Japan has been united as one country and major civil wars were all suppressed under the power of Tokugawa shogunate alone.

For each views, the location is spreading and there are more "3 greatest" in many categories such as 3 best night views of Japan, 3 Greatest views of Japan New version etc. However, in this blog, I will stick to only the 3 original 3 greatest views of Japan:

1.Matsushima Bay, Miyagi Prefecture

2.Amanohashidate, Kyoto Prefecture

3.Itsukushima, Hiroshima Prefecture

Matsushima Bay 



For those who wishes to travel around and see all places mentioned above, technically it can be done but it will be very time consuming and traveling method should rely mainly with railway since high speed train, called Shinkansen, can saves your traveling time a lot. Ideally, if you have days off about 7-10 days in Japan then it is very doable with an ordinary pace of traveling.

1.Matsushima Bay 

Matsushima Bay is located in Miyagi Prefecture, for many foreigners the name Sendai usually more popular and, in fact, Sendai is a capital city of Miyagi Prefecture and situated northeast from Tokyo.

At this serene bay, the highlight of the area is vast tiny islands with many pine trees growing on those islands naturally and visitors will be amazed by the unusual appearances of each island thus the bay has been regarded by many Japanese philosopher and scholar to be a great place to observe the mother nature.

The most popular way to see the Matsushima Bay is definitely be a cruising along the coast. Normally cruising time is around 1 hour while additional strolling in old temples along the bay such as Zuigan-Ji and Entsu-in will surely gives many visitors a pleasant walk.

GPS Location : 38°21′59.1″N 141°4′26.6″E

How to get there : TakesTohoku Shinkansen from Tokyo Station and get off at Sendai Station (80-90 minutes ride) then change toJR Sensaki Line and finally leaves the train atMatsushima-Kaigan Station (40 minutes ride from Sendai). After that a boat pier will be another 10 minutes away on foot.


This sandbar used to stay in the shadow of foreigners' guide book for many years but after a constant promote from JNTO, the place has been proudly standing in the front line of leading Japanese attraction in recent years even though the traveling time to reach here might be time consuming (about 2 hours train ride).

To get the best view, one must reach to the top of the hill in the area to observe a panoramic view of this amazing sandbar. But thanks to Japanese, there are ropeway station opens to take visitors up to the hill with ease while the view itself can be enjoyed with ordinary way or Japanese way too (looking the view from between under your leg) as the tales tell us that looking at the sandbar this way, one will see the dragon rising in the sky!

GPS Locatiob : 35°34′12.4″N 135°11′31.1″E

How to get there : There are 2 easy ways to reach the sandbar!

1. From JR Kyoto Station, board the limited express train "Hashidate" directly to Amanohashite Station, the entire trip takes about 2 hours

2. From Osaka Station board limited express train "Konotori" then get off at Toyooka Station and change to Kyotango train network (This is a name of the private railway operator) and get off at Amanohashidate Station. Traveling this way will takes more time at 2 hours and a half.


Many believes that Miyajima is the most famous and the island has been consider as a place for snapshot depicting"Japan" since the appearance for red torii (Shinto traditional gate) on the sea can be seen in many tourism promotion poster of Japan. Apart from the large torii itself, the island is also home to hundreds of wild deers which roams around the island for a century. Moreover, the island also regarded as one of the popular spots to see the autumn leaves in Hiroshima Prefecture with many hiking route to Mount Misen to welcome hikers from around the world as well.

The island also has a wide range of accommodation from budget hostel to luxury ryokan so visiting this island will give any one a good "Japanese experience" absolutely.

GPS Location : 34°17′45.6″N 132°19′11.4″E

How to get there : There are 2 ways that reach Miyajima easily

1.Takes Sanyo Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station and get off at Hiroshima Station (90 minutes) then change the train to JR Sanyo Line and leave the rail network at Miyajimaguchi Station (About 25 minutes). Once you are outside the station, walk straight to ferry pier which takes about 5-10 minutes on foot and the ferry will be waiting with another 20 minutes ride by ferry.

2.Takes Hiroshima Tram No 2 from Hiroshima Station to Miyajimaguchi terminal stop (2 hour) and walk to ferry pier where it takes only 5 minutes away.

That is all for content this week, please stay tune for more blogs regarding to traveling in Japan! and for readers who think that the mentioned places above are interesting and would like to go but still need a local guide and personal transportation, then allow me to introduce the private tour operator in Japan which can provide you a private tour for highlights of Japan with professional guides and flexibility for tour program named "I Love Japan Tours Company". The company has been established more than a decade ago and now, it has many clients from around the globe such as Russian, Thai, Australian, Latvia, Jamaica and many more. So choosing this company will give you a whole new level of travel experience in Japan!  

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