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Japan plans to increase its immigration officers by 500 in 2019

​For this week, we will take you to read some news regarding about immigration problems in the airport which has been in controversial for a long time since Japan has launched "No-Visa requirement policy" to many nations from South East Asia countries and thus made a huge wave of foreign visiting the country with a sky rocket rate each year.

On 25 March 2018 at Narita International Airport, there was a large number of foreign tourists having to line up to pass the immigration with an average time by person at 3 hours and 5 minutes. If Japan ignore this matters, there will surely be a chaos during 2020 Olympic. So some actions need to be acted soon!

​On 28 August 2018, The Ministry of Justice, Japan has requested a large budget of 58.8 Billion Yen for fiscal year 2019 to prepare for the new positions of immigration officers for 500 personnels and arrange the mission of its oversea labour forces who apply to work in Japan.

As many experts known, Now Japan has a problem about lacking local labour forces and it has never been solved properly for a long time but official hopes this problem will be relieved at the start of fiscal year 2019 which new forces of foreign labour will arrive and set foot on a Japanese soil.

For the congestion at the immigration in major airports, ministry of Justice aims to hire immigration officers for 536 positions to tackle the problem mentioned above. This will make the whole number of immigration officers from 4,871 persons to 5,407 persons.

​As a part of requested budget from the ministry, 16 billions Yen will dedicated to strengthen the equipments that helps the process of scanning those arrival each day and purchasing some high-tech equipment to facilitates the Japanese residents too while another 3 billions Yen will be spent to upgrade the system of Japanese visa application website including information provide both in Japanese and English language.

For fiscal year 2019, Ministry of Justice has made its first-time ever to request the highest budget of 801.87 billions Yen while the current fiscal year has 5% less compare to the upcoming year.  

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