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New Digital Art Museum on Odaiba will be unveiled soon!

The new art museum or formally called "MORI Building DIGITAL ART MUSEUM" will be opened on artificial Island of Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan. The museum will opens its door to visitors from 21 June 2018 onwards with a admission fee of 3,200 Yen for adults and 1,000 Yen for middle school students (Age 3 or younger is FREE). Insdie this meseum, there will be many zone for visitors to explore :

-Borderless World : This zone will let visitors to lost themselves with a boundless imagination of formless substances which changes as the humans walk.


-Athletics Forest : This zone has been designed to encourgage onself awareness which is based on the concept of understanding the world through the body and thinking about our world in three-dimensionally.

-Future Park : The area where it has been designed as an educational project and experimental field for collaborative creation. If you are bringing your kids with you, this zone will definitely be the most favorite to them

-Forest of Lamps : A highlight of the museum, the area has been placed with lamps that seems to be endless and uncountable! But that's still not the best part of it becasue the great thing will happen when a person stands still close to one of those lamps, it will be illuminated and keep sending its light to adjacent lamps and it will keep continue until the light travels back to the starting lamp.

-EN Tea House : Visitors will be amazed by the technology of today while they are holding a cup of tea and witness all the leaves to drop and keep bloming as an endless cycle as long as there is a water in a cup. Moreover, the flower illustrated in a cup of tea will also change according to the seasons of Japan, and if you find that holding a cup of tea is too boring, why don't you try drawing a zen circle called "Enzo"  which is the way of practicing Zen (one of religions in Japan). The artworks will not only capture the drawing style but this captured stroke will also express the depth, speed and power hidden with in each brush stroke too!

How can I go there?

Actually, there are many ways to get to the Island of Odaiba, but we will introduce only the easiest routes as followed :

1. Hop on a Yurikamome Train, a robotic train automatically controlled from the center (Yes! There's no train driver on the train at all) and get off at Aomi Station and a short walk to Palette Town Buidling where museum is located inside.

2. Takes JR Yamanote train to Osaki Station and then change the train to Rinkai Line and leaves the train at Tokyo Teleport Station then another shortwalk to Palette Town Building.


All of data and pictures were taken from the official website of museum : https://borderless.teamlab.art/



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