Tailor Made Tours & Holidays in Japan

Traveling on your terms

A tailor made tour is much more than just a custom program. It means traveling on your terms in virtually any aspect of a tour, including the dates of travel, food preferences, room arrangements, and free time activities.

We have extensive insider’s knowledge on Japan thanks to our experience. Specializing in designing tailor made tours in Japan, our local team of professionals has served thousands of satisfied clients from around the world.

Japan Tailor Made Tour - when should I consider it?

When you have exhausted common customization options available for our pre-made tour programs and realized that you need a program designed from scratch.

When you want to visit very specific destinations, and you have not found anything close to what you need in our tour catalog.

When you have a lot of dietary restrictions or lifestyle requirements that pre-made tour programs cannot account for.

When you dislike limits, and budget is not a concern in getting the exact kind of vacation you want.

When you cannot afford any possible oversight, and you need professional input and involvement for every single detail.

For example

Special occasion

A once in a lifetime trip, like a honeymoon or a present for someone important.

Personal responsibility

An arrangement whose each aspect and outcome you are directly or personally responsible for.

Niche requirements

Situations where you have niche requirements that extend beyond what is addressed by typical customization options.

Why do I choose iLoveJapanTours as my tailor?

“A tailor-made anything is good not only because of the customer’s personal input, but also because of the tailor’s feedback and direct support. And when it comes to Japan tours, we are the best tailor there is.”


Honesty is our number one policy. We give you our unrestrained feedback on what is possible and what is not, and we do not make empty promises. We will not accept a request if we know that it is not feasible.


Your satisfaction is our number one priority. We care about making your experience in Japan the best it can possibly be; we proactively provide advice and suggest alternatives without mindlessly adhering to the initial requirements.

Local expertise

Our team is physically located in Japan. Our personnels are based in different key cities in the country, allowing us to maintain a professional network in Japan that can provide many options for configuring your unique tour. Our physical presence also means that we can address questions in the most immediate and up-to-date manner, something that non-local agencies cannot do.

Lifetime investment

Our tailor-made tour is your lifetime investment. Once we have arranged an original tour for you, we will utilize your preferences and feedback to make your future programs just as personalized as the previous.

What our customers say about us

Our travel agent really took our expressed preferences to heart and planned a custom trip that was exactly what we were looking for. Throughout the process, he adjusted our itinerary to take not of different requests, but also was very direct in letting us know when something we were requesting would not be a good fit, would make things too rushed. While our visit did include some iconic sites (which are beautiful but more crowded), he also included many places that felt a bit more removed and special.
Words could not describe the breath taking experience both my wife and I had during our 10 day trip to Japan. From the time we landed to our farewell, everything was taken care of in terms of site seeing, travel, booking for restaurants, private tours, and lodging. Our travel advisor has worked with us closely and really listened to what our interests were to create a unique adventure.
I cannot speak highly enough about our 15 day family holiday in Japan! The service provided by this travel agency was seamless. The private guides were interesting and knowledgeable. We felt that they were more than just guides. It was like we had a friend in each city. They gave us restaurant tips as well as tips on sights we should see on our time of leisure. They were also very attentive to each of our requests, interests and needs. They were very patient and understanding.

Okay, I need you to tailor me a tour. What do I do?


Submit a request

Fill in the form below, give us a summary of your request, and click submit. Make sure that the date of departure is at least 90 days from the current date.

Give us a couple of days

One of our travel specialists will reach out to you via email within 2 working days to schedule a call.

Have a short session with our specialist

Have a short session (10-30 minutes) with our specialist on the phone to discuss your ideas and needs, and to give us a general idea of how to proceed.

Check out our proposal

Our team will review your request, evaluate the overall feasibility of your ideas, and get back to you within 2-5 working days with a proposal.

Give us your feedback

Based on the proposal, if you feel like our company is what you are looking for, you can request an invoice for the planning fee.

We start crafting your original tour

Upon the payment of the planning fee, you will be assigned a personal travel manager who will work closely with you to craft the original tour that you requested. Typically, this process will take 2-3 weeks, with the required time increasing in proportion to the complexity of the request.

Your tour is now ready!

Your tour is now ready, and we will issue you a final quotation for the tour cost.

What does the tailor-making process look like?


Stage 1: Route design

which is the core of any itinerary. We will work closely with you and your list of places to visit, while also giving our input to refine it. We will then create an outline with the planned destinations and the number of days/nights to stay in each.

Stage 2: Accommodation and rooming

which are important for any pleasant journey. We will give you a selection of hotels or ryokan that we believe will match your needs. You will review the options and tell us if you like them, or if you would like a different selection.

Stage 3: Meal planning

which requires a lot of attention. We will refer to your preferences, including the type of cuisine, frequency of meals, allergies and restrictions, etc., and design each day’s outline based on the above information.

Stage 4: Additional activities

which complete the experience. We can include what you already have in your list, but also give you alternatives and suggestions.

Stage 5: Fine-tuning and adjustments

The attractions and sightseeing spots will be optimally placed in the schedule to make the most out of the budget and route. This is the final check before the program is considered ready to be arranged and executed.


Can you arrange anything for a tailor-made tour?

Tailor-made tours open up a lot of possibilities, but there is a list of things to consider:

  • There are logistical limitations that may prevent us from including all the desired destinations and activities within the given timeframe
  • Japan is a country of many rigid rules and regulations regardless of a person’s economic or social status
  • Many unique places have a small capacity, which cannot accommodate beyond a set number of people
  • Some places are not compatible with certain methods of transportation, or certain lifestyle requirements
  • Many places require early reservations, and observe strict deadlines and inflexible cancellation policies
  • Some destinations and events have seasonal restrictions, where they cannot accept booking outside of the specified date or time